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O Wrap the Flag Around Me Boys!

Root & Cady, R. Stewart Taylor
Illinois, Cook County, Chicago
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Sheet Music


This is a piece of sheet music for the song, “O Wrap the Flag Around Me Boys!” The cover is plain with a decorative border centered on the cover. The number 2 and “Songs” is printed at the center of the cover followed by publishing information. 1 score (5 p.) For voice, piano and guitar with SATB chorus. First line of chorus: Then wrap the flag around me boys. This words and music of this popular Civil War song were written in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1861 or early 1862. It was published in the song book "The Silver Lute" as well as in sheet music form. This song was played at Abraham Lincoln's funeral according to the leader of the band that marched at the head of the funeral procession in Springfield, Illinois, in 1865. Part of The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum.