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Civil War Blanket Pin

Unknown place made
Origin Date:
overall: Pin:2 3/8 in; Metal ring: 1 7/8 in
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Holding Institution:
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


This Civil War blanket pin belonged to Corporal John E. Wilkins of Vigo County, Indiana, and was used during his first three months of service in the 11th Indiana Volunteers, Co. D, according to a note included with the pin. The blanket pin consists of a metal ring to which a movable metal stickpin is attached and was used with a blanket when a person placed a blanket around the shoulders or over their head, then gathered the blanket under the chin. The pin pierced both halves of the blanket and was aligned with the slot. Then the ring was rotated so that the pin would not come loose unless the wearer rotated it back to align the slot. The allowed the blanket to be worn like a cape or hooded cape. For more information see the curated grouping, "A Civil War Soldier: John E. Wilkins of Vigo County, Indiana" on the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection website at http://www.lincolncollection.org/collection/curated-groupings/category/john-e-wilkins/ Several more items from Wilkins' military service are in this collection: Zouave jacket, 71.2009.082.0522; Officer's sash, 71.2009.082.0700; Part of a sword belt, 71.2009.082.0716; Belt and buckle, 71.2009.082.0717; Wadsworth Razor Co. pipe razor and blades; 71.2009.082.0720a-c; Morely & Sons Silver Steel Razors 71.2009.082.0721a-c; Mess kit spoon, 71.2009.082.0719; Crepe worn during Lincoln's funeral events, 71.2009.082.0048 John E. Wilkins photograph taken later in life, LN-2595 1855 Indiana State Fair ribbon, 71.2009.082.0208 1860 Indiana State Fair ribbon, 71.2009.082.0209 Three volume diary and other paper artifacts are housed at the Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum