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The National Game: Three "Outs" and One "Run"

Currier & Ives
New York, New York
Origin Date:
overall: 12 in x 16 1/4 in
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Holding Institution:
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


Pro-Lincoln political cartoon depicts President Abraham Lincoln defeating John Bell, Stephen A. Douglas, and John C. Breckinridge in a baseball game. Lincoln (right) stands with his foot on "Home Base," advising the others, "Gentlemen, if any of you should ever take a hand in another match at this game, remember that you must have 'a good bat' and strike a 'fair ball' to 'make a clean score' & a home run.'" He holds a wooden rail labeled "Equal Rights and Free Territory" and wears a belt inscribed "Wide Awake Club." A skunk crosses in front of the other candidates. Breckinridge (center), a Southern Democrat, holds his nose, saying, "I guess I'd better leave for Kentucky, for I smell something strong around here, and begin to think, that we are completely skunk'd.'" His bat is labeled "Slavery Extension" and his belt "Disunion Club." At far left John Bell of the Constitutional Union party observes, "It appears to me very singular that we three should strike 'foul' and be 'put out' while old Abe made such a good lick." Bell's belt says "Union Club," and his bat "Fusion." Democratic nominee Douglas replies, "That's because he had that confounded rail, to strike with, I thought our fusion would be a 'short stop' to his career." He holds a bat labeled "Non Intervention." Additional copies of this cartoon are numbers 71.2009.081.0870 and 71.2009.081.0877. Part of The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum