Overview of Member Accounts

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Why sign up?

Because the Lincoln Collection contains so many objects (our digital database has more than 25,000 records and is growing every day) we realize it can be frustrating to relocate an object you find interesting. Signing up for an account will allow you to create and save lists of Collection objects, called "My Collections," that are just like favorite lists. These personalized lists are a convenient way to avoid the frustration of trying to relocate a record and to have quick access to Lincoln Collection objects you want to see repeatedly, or share with others.

Building your own "collections"

Once you've signed up, just log into your account when you come to the website and view, manage, and share your personally curated collections. Teachers can create collections that contain a series of objects related to a specific lesson plan. Researchers can compile collections that contain objects relevant to a current research project, or multiple projects through multiple collections. Amateur historians and Lincoln history enthusiasts can save lists of objects that inspire you and deepen your understanding of our 16th president.

Adding objects to your collection

Adding an object to your collection is very easy. On every object record page, you will notice a button that says, "Add To Your Collection." Just click the button! You can add a single object to multiple collections, or just one collection at a time.

Sharing your collections

Once you've built a collection, you can designate it as "public" and share it with others via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. (Only people with whom you have shared a direct link to your collection can access it.) If you don't want anyone to see your collection, designate it as "private."