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The Lincoln Family



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The Lincoln family never had a group photograph taken, so engravers created family portraits based on individual photographs.

Engravers took liberties with the facts in creating Lincoln family portraits. In this engraving, the child at Mary’s feet is too young to be Tad and the boy reading with Lincoln, who is supposed to be Willie, is based on a photograph of Tad.

Willie and Tad had a “zoo” at the White House that included turkeys, goats, cats, and a pony.


CDV, Abraham Lincoln, bearded, seated, wearing glasses, holding book in lap, with Willie, standing and leaning over book, Robert, standing, left arm on his father's chair, feet crossed, Mary, seated, in dress, hands in lap, with Tad, seated, looking away; photograph of a lithograph based on separate photographs of Robert, Lincoln and Tad, and Mary. The artist has placed Willie, rather than Tad, beside Lincoln and created a "Tad" child at Mary's feet.
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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