Currently on Exhibit in Indianapolis

What's on exhibit?

While the virtual Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection can be viewed online at any time, the Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, continually displays a small portion of the physical Collection in the museum's core gallery, "The Hoosier Way."

Objects currently on exhibition include:

71.2009.082.0704, scale model of a Gatling gun

71.2009.081.1218, sculpture, "Wounded to the Rear, One More Shot"

71.2009.083.0051, sheet music, "Vote for Abraham"

71.2009.083.0245, sheet music, "Drums & Trumpets"

71.2009.082.0170, Abraham Lincoln pennant

71.2009.081.0561, print, "Battle of Five Forks"

71.2009.081.0241, cartoon, "The Commander-in-Chief Conciliating the Soldier's Votes on the Battle Field"