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The Lincolns of Springfield, Illinois: Abraham, Mary, and Their Boys

Lincoln and Springfield

Springfield, Illinois, was Abraham Lincoln's home for most of his adult life. In Springfield, he practiced law and launched his political career. And in Springfield, Lincoln established his family when he married Mary Todd on November 4, 1842.

The newlyweds set up housekeeping first as boarders at the Globe Tavern, where their first son, Robert Todd Lincoln, was born in 1843. In May 1844, the Lincolns bought a house at the corner of Eighth and Jackson Streets. In that house, three more sons were born - Edward (Eddie) Baker Lincoln in 1846, William (Willie) Wallace Lincoln in 1850, and Thomas (Tad) Lincoln in 1853. And sadly in that house, Eddie Lincoln died a month before his fourth birthday, though the other boys grew and flourished. When the Lincoln family moved to Washington, the house was rented as the Lincoln family intended to return to their Springfield home. They never did.

A Springfield Family

The Lincoln family's life in Springfield can be glimpsed in family photographs and possessions. By clicking on the images above, you can examine and learn more about some of these items in the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection.