1. Creator/Author:
  2. Max Rosenthal (12)

Abraham Lincoln

Max Rosenthal, James E. McClees
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia
Origin Date:
overall: 28 in x 22 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This print features a beardless Abraham Lincoln positioned at a three quarter view with his head directed to his left. Lincoln wears a dark jacket and vest, along with a white button-down collared shirt and black bow tie. There is a thin string that begins under the right collar of Lincoln's shirt and descends down behind the left side of his vest. "Plate destroyed on 100th anniversary of Lincoln's birth." is printed in black letters over his face. Lincoln sits in the center of a wreath with an American flag at the top with an eagle and shield, and a palm branch at the bottom. A partially covered piece of paper with the words "Emancipation Proclamation" sits on top of the branch while the bottom of the paper comes out from under the leaves; a facsimile of Lincoln's signature is at the bottom of the paper. It appears as though the wreath sits atop a mantle with "Abraham Lincoln" carved beneath it. A ribbon with "With Malice Toward None WIth Charity For All" sits below that intertwined with a shield and smaller wreath. The larger border features small placards with the 36 states that were established at the time, with Pennsylvania, Virginia, Massachusetts, and New York as larger pieces in the four corners. There is a drawing of what appears to be one of Lincoln's death masks under the print in the bottom left corner. "Printed and Etched by Max Rosenthal." appears in the bottom center, with publication information in the upper right corner above the image.