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  2. Loux & Co. (1)

Abm. Lincoln and Family

Edward Herline, Loux & Co.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia
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overall: 22 1/8 in x 29 7/8 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This hand-colored lithograph depicts President Lincoln and his family gathered around a table in a parlor. Since the Lincoln family never posed together for any artist or photographer, many artists used photographs of the individuals to compose a family scene for printing after Lincoln's death. This lithographer has shown President Lincoln seated to the viewer's left with an open book on his lap. Next to him is a young boy who was probably intended to be Willie Lincoln, even though Willie had died in 1862. Robert Lincoln in his Union army uniform stands next to Willie with his right hand on Willie's left shoulder. Mrs. Lincoln is seated to Robert's left resting her right arm on the table while holding a fan in her left hand. A younger boy, supposedly their youngest son Tad with a horn in his right hand is seated on a stool at his mother's feet. Two books and possibly a newspaper are on the table. Hanging on the walls behind the family are portraits of George and Martha Washington. A clock and two vases of flowers adorn the mantle between the two portraits. The title and publisher's information are printed in the margin below the image. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum