1. Creator/Author:
  2. Louis Bonhajo (13)

Lincoln at Gettysburg, Nov. 19, 1863

Louis Bonhajo, R. L. Parkinson
Illinois, Cook County, Chicago
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overall: 21 1/2 in x 18 1/2 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This print features a bearded Abraham Lincoln standing on a stage as he gives the Gettysburg Address. Lincoln wears a dark jacket, vest, and pants, as well as a white collared shirt and black bow tie. The chain of a pocket watch can be seen across the vest. Lincoln's right arm is bent behind his back while his left arm extends downward as he holds a piece of paper in his hand. An audience sits behind him as he speaks, and a Union soldier stands guard in the left corner of the image. American flag bunting hangs across the side of the stage, connected at points with black ribbons. The artist's signature, "Bonjaho" is written in the lower right corner of the image. Copyright information is located under the image on the left and right sides. The scene's description is placed under the image.