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  2. Lloyd Ostendorf (72)

Christmas with the Lincolns

Lloyd Ostendorf, Phillip H. Wagner
Illinois, Springfield
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overall: 9 7/16 in x 4 3/16 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


This set of twenty postcards was published with a first day of issue date of December 16, 1988, to commemorate the first annual "Christmas in Mr. Lincoln's Neighborhood" at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois. The publisher's description reads, "A portfolio of historically accurate artwork depicting the life of Abraham Lincoln, the husband and father, at Christmas in his home at 8th and Jackson, Springfield, Illinois (1860) and at the White House, Washington, D. C. (1861)." Each postcard features a different illustration of a scene that might have occurred in and around the Lincoln's home during the Christmas season with a caption printed below the image. The set of postcards is contained in an envelope (a) on which is printed "20 Rare Lincoln Commemorative Post Cards" in large type at the top. The artist's name and descriptive information is next in smaller font. An image from one of the postcards is next with the publisher's information printed below. The captions for each of the postcards are: (b) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Caroling Outside the Lincoln Home with Willie and Tad; (c) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Hanging Their Christmas Wreath on Their Front Door; (d) Abe Lincoln Carries Tad Piggyback While Willie Carries the Christmas Wreath; (e) Mr. Lincoln with Willie and Tad at the Family Christmas Tree; (f) Lincoln, Willie and Tad Coming Down the Stairway in the Lincoln Home, Christmas; (g) Mr. Lincoln, Willie and Tad Hanging Stockings on the Fireplace; (h) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Watching Willie and Tad with Toys; (i) Mr. Lincoln Giving a Gift to Mrs. Lincoln with Willie and Tad Looking on; (j) Mr. Lincoln Reading to Willie in Front of the Home Window While Tad Plays with Toys; (k) Mr. Lincoln Reading to Tad and Willie, Christmas; (l) Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Lincoln Invited to Governors Mansion Christmas Party; (m) Abe Lincoln Pulling Tad and Willie on Their Sled; (n) Abe Lincoln, with Tad on the Horse, Willie in Front of Decorated Lamp Post; (o) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Taking Tad and Willie for a Family Sleigh Ride; (p) President Lincoln Carrying a Cut Christmas Tree with Willie and Tad; (q) President Lincoln with Tad and Willie in Front of a Toy Store, Christmas; (r) President Lincoln Carrying a Christmas Wreath, Willie Walking and Tad Riding; (s) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Watching Willie and Tad with Toys; (t) President Lincoln, Tad, and Willie in Front of the Marble Fireplace in the White House; (u) Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Are Returning Home from Church, Sunday, Dec. 9, 1860. Willie and Tad Run on Ahead;