1. Creator/Author:
  2. John Sartain (17)

Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

John Sartain, R-R-Landon
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia; Illinois, Cook County, Chicago
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overall: 25 13/16 in x 19 3/16 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


The print of a bearded Abraham Lincoln features the subject seated in a chair at a three quarter view with his head and eyes facing the viewer. Lincoln wears a dark suit jacket, pants, and vest, along with a white un-collared shirt, black bow tie, and black shoes. His left arm rests on the arm of the chair while his right arm rests on the table that sits next to the chair. He holds a feather quill in his right hand and wears a ring on his left pinky finger. A cloak is draped over the back of the chair where Lincoln sits, and an upright-standing rolled scroll leans against the wall behind the chair. A partially unrolled scroll with the words "Campaign of 1864-5" lies on the floor next to a globe in the bottom right corner. The table to Lincoln's right is covered with a table cloth, with objects including a newspaper, several books, an inkwell, an oil lamp, a small writing desk, and a bust of Andrew Jackson, identified with the words, "A. Jackson" carved just below the bust lying on top of it. There is a tall cupboard to Lincoln's left, and an ornately designed curtain behind the table to his right. A wicker basket sits on the floor at the end of the table in the print's bottom left corner, and contains a piece a paper with the words, "E. Boyle" written on it. "The head after a Photograph from life, the Picture by Boyle" appears under the print to the left, while "Engraved by John Sartain, Phil." appears under the print to the right. "Published by R-R-Landon, AGT 88 Lake St Chicago, ILL." appears below the print in the center. "Abraham Lincoln" is enlarged in the bottom center just under the previous text, with "President of the United States" just below that.