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  2. John Sartain (17)

Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

John Sartain
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia County, Philadelphia
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overall: 20 1/8 in x 15 7/8 in
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Fine Art


This engraving by John Sartain was done from an 1863 painting by Edward Dalton Marchant for whom President Abraham Lincoln posed. The painting includes a symbolic reference to emancipation in the broken manacles beneath the foot of a small portion of the Liberty statue in the viewer's upper right corner which is also seen in the engraving. The engraving depicts Lincoln seated beside a table on which a signed document is shown under his left arm while in his right hand he holds a quill pen. The signatures can be clearly seen on the document which vaguely appears to represent the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln is shown wearing a black suit and vest with a white shirt and white bow tie. A watch chain can be seen resting across his vest. The title and publisher's information is printed in the lower margin along with a facsimile Abraham Lincoln signature. A pirated version of this engraving can be seen by going to ID number 71.2009.081.0551. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum