1. Creator/Author:
  2. John Sartain (17)

Abraham Lincoln Standing Portrait

John Sartain, William Smith
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Origin Date:
overall: 28 7/8 in x 20 7/8 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This gray-toned print features a standing, slight three-quarter profile of Abraham Lincoln. He wears a black suit, long black jacket, white collared shirt, and black bowtie, and his PL foot is slightly in front of the other. His PL hand holds a folded paper on top of an open book that rests on a table while his PR hand hangs at his side. The table on his PL side also holds an elaborately decorated box with two small vessels on top. The table has a decorative trim and fringe at the ends. In the middle ground on the PR side, we can see the railing of the balcony he is standing on and a large pot on top that has a lion's face carved into it as well as a large column on the PL side. In the background we can see a government building, presumably the Capitol, and the sky.