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  2. Jim Dobbins (1)

Made, Not Born

Jim Dobbins
Boston, Massachusetts
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paper, pen and ink, graphite
overall: 20 1/4 in x 15 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Magazines & Newspapers


This is a preliminary drawing of a political cartoon before its being published. The drawing features Abraham Lincoln sitting on a tall chair, in a pose reminiscent to that of the Lincoln Memorial. The difference being that the Lincoln portrayed here is very human, and the chair and monument on which he sits is comprised of individually labeled blocks of stone. Each piece of stone that makes up the monument is marked with a fact about Lincoln's life, or a personal trait. The facts and traits are mostly unfavorable parts of Lincoln's life, and the expression on the President's face is tired and grief-stricken. Some of the labels read, "1833 Failed in Business", "1854 Lost Senate Election", "Awkward", "Uneducated", "Mother Died When He Was 10", "Homely", etc... The drawing is completed entirely in black ink, but the entire cartoon is covered with notes and editing in blue pencil, presumably all changes to be made by the engraver before printing. The upper part of the cartoon (from Lincoln's feet, upwards) is on a separate paper, and has been glued onto the bottom paper, to make the drawing whole. There are visible handwritten notes between the layers of paper.