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  2. Harry E. Larimer (1)

Indelibly Etched For the Annals of Human Freedom

Harry E. Larimer
Fort Wayne, Indiana
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overall: 17 3/4 in x 14 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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This is a preliminary drawing of a political cartoon before its being published. It features Abraham Lincoln, sitting on top of a tall monumental block of stone that is reminiscent of the Lincoln Memorial. On the front of the stone is engraved, "LINCOLN", and the following quote: "There is an important sense in which the government is distinct from the administration. One is perpetual; the other temporary and changeable. A man may be loyal to his government and at the same time oppose the peculiar principles and the methods of administration." Standing at the foot of the monument is a man with a long beard, wearing what appears to be a military coat. This could be General Robert E. Lee. The background is filled with a stylized sunset and clouds. The reverse side contains a note with the cartoonist's name, name of periodical in which it was published, and the year of publication. The composition and content of this cartoon are curiously similar to another political cartoon published, "Words from Lincoln--Timely and Timeless" published in The Columbus Dispatch in 1972. (ID# 71.2009.081.0638)