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  2. D.M. Gazlay (1)

The Presidents of the United States

D.M. Gazlay, The Phenix Publishing Co.
Washington, D.C.; New York, New York
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overall: 30 1/4 in x 23 1/4 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This color print depicts a large arch with columns and stairs leading to the inside of the archway where there are five rows of square portraits of the first twenty-three presidents. The center row consists of the three largest portraits of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Ulysses S. Grant, respectively. The top of the arch has large blocks that spell out 1776 and two American flags are draped across the inside. The column on the left of the arch has a winged angel blowing a trumpet at the top, a plaque in the middle with the American flag and 1776 inscribed on it, and an allegorical figure holding a shield and sword at the base. The right column has the same winged angel blowing a trumpet, a plaque with the American flag and 1892 inscribed on it, and an allegorical figure holding a branch and caduceus standing next to a cornucopia. The text at the bottom of the image reads: "The Presidents of the United States, A Souvenir of the Presidential Election and of The Columbian Exposition of 1892." Below that is the publishing information.