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  2. D. Needham (1)

Death of John Quincy Adams

Kellogg & Cornstock, D. Needham
New York, New York
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overall: 17 3/4 in x 13 1/2 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This color print depicts mourners around the bed of John Quincy Adams shortly after his death. Adams is depicted extremely pale, almost blending in with the white of his bed sheets and pajamas. His bed is diagonal across the picture plane, and his head is on the PL side of the frame while his body extends to the PR side. A man, woman, and small boy stand in the foreground in front of Adams' bed. The first man is on the far PL side near Adams' head; he wears an all-black suit. The woman and boy are on the PR side near Adams' feet. We see the woman's back, but she wears a black dress, navy shawl, and white bonnet; she appears to be holding a white handkerchief to her face in mourning. The boy is to her left, and he wears a navy blue suit and is facing towards Adams' body so we also see his back. There are two men and a woman standing on the other side of the bed in the background. They also wear black and look towards Adams' body. We can also see the bottom left corner of a painting hanging on the wall in the background. There is a large green and pink drapery with yellow fringe that occupies the upper half of the image. Beneath the image, the title of the piece, "Death of John Quincy Adams," is written. Underneath that is written, "Born July 11th, 1767," "President of the United States from 1825 to 1829," and " Died Feb. 23rd, 1848". Beneath these phrases is one final quote that reads, "This is the end of earth - I am composed".