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  2. Wylie, David (1)

Letter from David Wylie to Abraham Lincoln

Wylie, David
Letters to Lincoln
Washington, Pennsylvania
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Handwritten letter, 32 cm, headed 'January 25th 1861, Washington, Washington County, Penna.' and signed David Wylie. Letter warning Lincoln against lack of 'fair play' in Washington by his opponents and implying the danger of poison. Autograph letter signed (ALS).
January 25th 1861
Worthington   Washington County   Penna
Mr Lincoln I take the liberty of sending a few lines to you with my respects to you and your familys welfare  The time has arrived that every good Citisen should look out for himself  It is a duty incumbent on us
You sir are on the eve of being placed in a very important situation before the American people as President of the Federal States  Now sir what i wish to say that a great many of your friends are fearful that you will not receive fair play with respect to your Occupiing the Presidential Chair during your term of office  Now Sir we the people have not had a Republican officer to occupy that post for several years  General Harrison did but a Short time after he was installd in office  General Taylor did but a short time after he took his seat  A great many wise heads beleive he was not fairly dealt with after his arrival at Washington City  When he passed  our town he was a hearty robust man for his age with a florid complexion
Hon Sir be careful at the Kings table what meats and drink you take there might be poisien in the cup  Your life and health are precious  Sir I hope you will form a Cabinet around you that will be an ornament to you and your country of men Fearing God and hating Covetoueness excuse the liberty i have taken it is for your welfare
I am Sir with sentiments of respect your Humble Servant David Wylie
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865--Correspondence
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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