J. L. G. Ferris, The Foundation Press, Inc., David S. Muzzey
Ohio, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland
Origin Date:
overall: 15 3/4 in x 11 7/16 in
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Holding Institution:
Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


a) This print features a bearded Abraham Lincoln standing over a woman who leans over in a chair in front of him. Lincoln wears a dark jacket, pants, vest, and shoes, as well as a white collared shirt and black bow tie. The woman wears a white dress with a pink tint at the bottom as well as a floral patterned shawl that has fallen around her waist. The woman has a handkerchief in her right hand as it is up to her forehead, and her left hand is outstretched toward Lincoln. Lincoln holds an envelope in his right hand while his left arm is outstretched to place his hand atop the woman's head. The room has red carpet, and a chair sits behind Lincoln while the woman sits in a chair that belongs to the desk next to her. The desk is cluttered with papers and a lamp, and a fireplace stands in the background with various objects on the mantle. A framed picture hangs above the fireplace, and a chandelier hangs above the desk. A Union soldier stands guard at the door while people stand behind him waiting to see Lincoln. The artist's signature is written in the bottom left corner. "J. L. G. Ferris" with a copyright symbol is printed in red in the lower right corner. "The Foundation Press, Inc. Cleveland, Ohio" is printed below the image in the lower right corner. The reverse side of the print gives the title of the piece, "Father Abraham 1865" and gives a historical application written by David S. Muzzey, PH. D. "Questions About the Picture" and "Questions About the Event Portrayed" are given for younger and older pupils respectively. b) The front side of this brown paper envelope that the print fits in to is an exact copy of the reverse side of the print. The reverse side of the envelope gives a character application of the print, describing the scene presented. A list of suggestions as to how to use the print is also given. Note: above measurements reflect those of the print. Measurements of envelope: 16 1/4 in x 12 1/2 in