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  2. Rudolph E. Leppert (1)

The Presidents of the United States

Rudolph E. Leppert, Funk & Wagnalls Co.
New York, New York or England, London
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overall: 14 7/8 in x 14 7/8 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This color print features portraits of the first 31 presidents. There is a key taped to the back of the image that gives a key of who is who in each portrait. They are depicted mostly in a three-quarter profile inside a circular frame. Most of the backgrounds within these frames are green, yellow, or brown. There are 6 rows, with the first two and last three rows containing 5 images. The third row contains 6 images. They are slightly staggered so they do not line up in neat rows or columns. George Washington's portrait is located in the second row, third column. Abraham Lincoln is located in the fourth row, third column. The background of the images consists of a tan/yellow ribbed texture that is framed by a thin white line and then a thick gold sparkly line. Underneath this is the title of the print, "The Presidents of the United States".