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Enjolras, The Song of the Patriot

D. P. Faulds, Edmundus Scotus
Kentucky, Louisville
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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This is a piece of sheet music for the song, "Enjolras, The Song of the Patriot." The cover is plain with a decorative border centered on the cover. Within the border the title is printed in black lettering. "To the Immortal Memory of the People's President, Abraham Lincoln. Is Mournfully Inscribed this Song, By a Soldier of the Republic" is printed above the title. Two quotes from "Les Miserables" is printed below the title: " 'Before everything but THE REPUBLIC he chastely dropped his eyes' " and " 'He was the marble lover of Liberty'." Publishing information is printed near the bottom of the cover. "John Stocton Esq-with the authors compliments"--handwritten on cover. 1 score (7 p.) For medium voice and piano. Pl. no.: 1398-6. First line: Who sing to me the sweetest song. Part of The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum.