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We Are Coming Father Abraham 300,000 More

Henry Tolman & Co., S. J. Adams, New York Evening Post
Massachusetts, Boston
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Sheet Music


This is a piece of sheet music for the song, "We Are Coming Father Abraham 300,000 More." The cover is plain with the title printed in black lettering at the center surrounded by vine-like decorative detailing. "To the President" is printed above the title. "Words from the New York Evening Post" is printed below the title. This piece was arranged by S. J. Adams. Publishing information is printed near the bottom of the cover. We are coming father abraham For voice and piano. From poem originally published in the New York Evening Post, July 16, 1862: We are coming, Father Abraham / James Sloan Gibbons. Cf. BAL, v. 1, p. 346. The words sometimes erroneously attributed to Wm. Cullen Bryant, or J. [sic] Cullen Bryant. First line of text: We are coming, Father Abraham, three hundred thousand more. Verses 3-4 printed as text on p. 5. Part of The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum.