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Better Times Are Coming

Horace Waters, Stephen C. Foster
New York, New York
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Sheet Music


This is a piece of sheet music for the song, “Better Times Are Coming.” The cover is plain with a decorative border centered on the cover. Within the border, the title is printed in black lettering in an arch near the top. The titles of twelve songs are printed at the center of the cover. Publishing information is printed near the bottom of the cover. [earliest known 1st ed.] Foster's melodies ; no. 8. 1 score ([2], 3-5, [1] p.) For voice and piano, with chorus refrain. Verses 2-9 printed as text on p. [5] Title for numbers 1-8 of series printed on t.p., no. 49 is printed where 19 should be. First line of text: There are voices of hope that are borne on the air. First line of chorus: Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! Part of The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum.