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Lincoln's Gettysburg Address : memorials. Paraphrases.

Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection.
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection.
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E457.15 .L3782
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40 pieces on 37 leaves : ill. ; 28 cm.
English language -- Paraphrase.
Speeches, addresses, etc., American.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865. Gettysburg address.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -- Parodies, imitations, etc.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -- Influence.
"From the files of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection."; "Excerpts from newspapers and other sources illuminating aspects of this well-known Presidential speech."; CLICK ON WEB ADDRESS TO REACH THIS DOCUMENT.; Seabees modernize the Gettysburg address (1945) -- Gettysburg address used to portray agent system (1939) -- A Gettysburg address, 1940 / Benjamin R. Stickney Jr. -- Lincoln's famous address done over in new styles: three Philadelphia writers in book "The written word" show how different authors might have handled Gettysburg masterpiece (1932) -- The taxpayer's wail (taken from Cleveland Letter Service, Inc.) -- Ike's Gettysburg address (with apologies to Lincoln) / by Doris Fleeson (1957) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address (corrected and improved) / Historical Society of Pennsylvania (1948) -- We are met on form 1040 -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address adapted as today's tribute to him by Henry E. Luhrs, Lincoln library, Shippensburg, Pa. (1938) -- Address by Clifton Fadiman (1940) -- Bessie Imel offers a 1962 version of Gettysburg address (1962) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address: the old version [and] the new version [by MAD magazine] --; Parodies [of] Lincoln's Gettysburg address (1950) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address as handled by a conference of advertising executives (1934) -- Lincoln's great address paraphrased for present / William McBurnie (1940) -- Gettysburg 1949 -- Revision of the Gettysburg address (1950) -- Gettysburg address revised, but not improved (1951) -- Gettysburg address, 1958 style / J. Kesner Kahn (1958) -- Hits reader's takeoff on Lincoln's address / W.J. Taylor (1958) -- Opinion of the people: With apology to Lincoln / Mildred Serino (1958) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address [from] Webster's Dictionary -- The spirit of Lincoln (1936) -- With apologies [to Lincoln] / Herschell H. Richmond (1949) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address in Latin -- Revised Gettysburg address -- [Gaelic translation of Lincoln's Gettysburg address] -- Gettysburg address translated into Celtic (1930) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg address in Vietnamese (1949) -- Lincoln's Gettysburg speech [phonetic version] -- School boy, master of eight foreign languages, is dead.; Chiefly newsprint affixed to backing papers.
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, Indiana
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