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Scale Model of the Manny Reaper

Manny & Co.
Freeport, Illinois
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metal, wood
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


a. This is a patent model of the Manny Reaper frame and tongue. It includes a reel, reel post, handle of rake, drivers seat and foot rest. All of these pieces are made of mahogany wood and varying pieces of the frame contain pegged holes used for assembling and functional operation of the reaper model. The reaper has a metal platform, rake teeth and a metal deflector mechanical protector. It also has operational mechanisms of a reaper including the sickle, blades, shoes, gears, pulleys, reinforcement plates, screws, hinges, nuts, and bolts, all of which are made of brass. The wheels on the reaper and tongue attachment are made of brass. The original belt has deteriorated. b. This is an attachment to the reaper. It is made out of mahogany wood and brass. Measurements: Reaper: 18"L x 13" W overall Two Wheel Attachment: 3.5" W with 2" brass wheels Tongue: 17" L with long tubular width varying from .5" at the back, to .25" at the front The original box for this model reaper is record 71.2009.082.0503c. Attorney Abraham Lincoln represented Manny and Company in the case of McCormick vs. Manny and Company. For more information see "Lincoln Lore" issues number 1516 (June 1964) and number 1700 (October 1979). Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum