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saddle, artillery driver's

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metal, animal
overall: 27 in x 15 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


This saddle consists of a seat made of black leather, that has lines sewn horizontally down from the center, making a striped pattern. The seat is attached to the rest of the saddle by metal nails or screws, the tops of which are seen on the seat. The seat is also lined in a brown leather strip that runs along the entire edge of the seat. The swell and cantle are both comprised of brown leather and are trimmed in metal. There are metal shield emblems near the tip of both the swell and cantle. The shield on the swell has the letters "U.S." stamped on it, where as the shield on the cantle is plain. The metal trim on both the swell and cantle is attached with metal nails that are visible. The jockey and rear jockey are comprised of the same brown leather as the swell and cantle. There are four metal hooks that are attached to each of the four corners of this saddle, which could have been used to attach things to. There are also two additional hooks, one at the very front center of the saddle, under the swell, and the other at the very back center of the saddle, under the cantle. Each of these two hooks has a small leather strip attached to it. Brown leather fenders extend from under the seat on either side. The fenders curve out slightly at the bottom before they taper. Two leather straps cinch and buckle to secure and stabilize the saddle while it was on the horse. A strap to attach things to extends from under the seat on both sides and lays flat on the fender. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum