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Lincoln Founder pin

VanDeusen Spec.
Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri
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overall: 1 in x 7/8 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


Circular pin features the head of Lincoln in three-quarter profile carved from stone on a white field. The image of Lincoln is printed in black, as well as the text "Lincoln Statue Junior Founder". "Lincoln Statue" arches above and "Junior Founder" appears below. The back features a metal needle used for pinning. Also, there are several groups of dark blue or black print on a gold ground present. In the center in larger font, print reads "VanDeusen Speciality Co. Kansas City,MO". Above this appears an emblem or insignia with rounded top and bottom and straight sides. Dissecting this emblem appears print that reads "L I (undecipherable) B A". The upper half of the emblem has print that reads " 5 A. No. 4 Union" and the lower half reads " Label Chicago". Outside of the emblem on the proper right corner print reads "No." and the proper left corner reads "77". Along the rounded bottom, print extends and reads "Registered". Another emblem or insignia appears below the center print of "VanDeusen Speciality Co. Kansas City, MO". A completely ovular emblem is present with a circle in its center. Within this circle appears various objects, perhaps tools. Print is present above and below this circle of objects that reads "Union" above and "Label" below. Outside of this emblem print extends across the top reading "Local 115". Also, print extends below outside of the emblem reading "Shop No. 2". Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum