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fireplace or stove bellows

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metal, wood, animal
overall: 25 in x 9 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Three-dimensional Objects


This is a fireplace bellows. The top and bottom of the bellows are made of wood. They are rounded at the top and taper towards the nozzle at the end. There is also a handle at the top on both sides. One handle has a metal loop, probably used to hang the bellows up when not in use. On the underside of that handle is a hook that attaches to a loop on the underside of the other handle. This was probably to keep the bellows closed, also when not in use. The top piece of wood has a hold cut in the center. The top also has two pieces of metal nailed down to it. In between the pieces of wood is folded leather, that can expand and fill with air when the wooden pieces are pulled apart. The leather is nailed down around the edges of wood. On the back of the bellows, at the tapered part of the wood, there is extra leather wrapped around and nailed down. Where the wood tapers, the nozzle is attached. The nozzle is just a long circular piece of metal, that the air is blown through.