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Judging Others By Ourselves

Thomas Nast
New York, New York
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overall: 16 in x 10 3/4 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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This is a page taken from the Harper's Weekly illustrated newspaper July 5, 1879 issue. The top third of the page is occupied by two political cartoons. To the viewer's left the cartoon depicts Jefferson Davis standing on a stage, dressed in a woman's clothing. He addresses a crowd of men as they look on laughing. The title of the cartoon is "Judging Others By Ourselves". Below the title is printed the following text: "* * * 'But, whatever you and I may think about it, of one truth I am confident, I have never seen a reconstructed Southern Woman.' --Miss J. Davis's Speech." (A full image of the same scene is found on the cover of another Harper's Weekly issue--March 11, 1876. See ID number 71.2009.081.0613.) Another political cartoon to the viewer's right is titled "Melican Man Before Tablets of His Ancestors". This cartoon depicts a group of Asian men in a graveyard. In the foreground, three men tinker with the gravestone of John Smith. Behind them, one man is in the process of attempting to kill another with a shovel. Sheets of loose paper are scattered around the gravestone, reading "Contestant", "Probation", "Insanity", and "Undue Influence". The remainder of the page is filled with advertisements. They advertise all kinds of products, ranging from corsets, to encyclopedias, to fishermen's netting. The reverse side of the paper is also filled with different kinds of advertisements. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum