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From These Honored Dead

Lloyd Ostendorf
Dayton, Ohio
Origin Date:
paper, pen and ink
overall: 15 1/4 in x 11 3/4 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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This is an original political cartoon sketch that was then published in the Dayton Journal-Herald newspaper. It features a large portrait of Abraham Lincoln on the proper right side of the cartoon. Opposite him, are five smaller portraits of soldiers that vertically line the proper left side of the cartoon. Each of the soldiers is depicted in military wear, but each soldier's dress corresponds to a different time period. The top soldier has the most antiquated garb, that of the Revolution, and the following soldiers' dress progressively moves forward in time reading the portraits vertically from top to bottom. Below Lincoln's portrait is a large piece of paper upon which is written a quote: "Men will pass away--die; but the principle of democracy will live, forever. . . --A. Lincoln". The artist signed the cartoon in the bottom proper left corner. "(Dayton Journal-Herald, editorial cartoon for Feb. 12 1954)" is handwritten in blue pencil in the bottom margin. Below this there is a personal note written in blue ink: "To Dr. Louis A. Warren, With kindest regards, Lloyd Ostendorf". The title is written in blue pencil in the upper margin. On the reverse side of the object there is a stamp with the artist's name and address. There is also a piece of paper from the Dayton Journal-Herald with editorial information.