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The Tomb of Lincoln

Otto Knirsch, J. Gemmell
Illinois, Cook County, Chicago
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overall: 22 3/8 in x 16 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This lithograph was done from a drawing by Otto Knirsch of the temporary vault in which President Abraham Lincoln's casket and that of his son Willie were placed until the permanent tomb was finished. The vault is shown in the center of the image surrounded by trees. Several people are walking toward the doorway of the vault. The viewer appears to be looking through a window surrounded by an allegorical border. At the top of the border is a figure within the clouds, possibly Liberty, covered with a veil leaning over holding her left hand to her forehead while her right hand holds a broken flagstaff. The clouds appear to be resting on a very large draped flag with the ends hanging down the sides of the window. Topping the left side is a wreath with a large "A" in the center. A similar wreath with an "L" in the center is at the top of the right side. Below the right side of the drape are two figures: a soldier with a sword and a sailor also holding a sword with a ship's wheel behind him. Below the drape on the left side are two figures: one looks to represent a farmer or manual laborer holding a shovel, the other figure could represent a blacksmith with an anvil and a hammer. Below the window in the center is a beardless bust of Abraham Lincoln surrounded to the shoulders with laurel leaves. At the base of the of the bust is an open scroll with the words "Born Feb 12th 1809, Died April 15th 1865." A mourning drape runs from one side of the window behind the bust to the opposite side of the window. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum