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The Republican Souvenir

R. M. Benjamin, The Hatch Eng. Co.
Massachusetts, Boston; New York, New York
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overall: 19 1/4 in x 26 1/2 in
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Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum
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Fine Art


This print consists of gray tones and depicts three portraits and three vignettes. The two ovular portraits in each top corner feature James G. Blaine and John A. Logan. A portrait of Lincoln is at the center bottom and depicts him seated at a table signing the Emancipation Proclamation; an African American mother and her two children are pictured freed of their shackles in the background. The vignette at the center top depicts James A. Garfield standing on steps with his finger raised to the sky with a crowd watching from below. The following is printed below this vignette, "God reigns, and the government at Washington still lives. Words of Garfield, on Wall Street, New York, the day following the assassination of Lincoln." The vignette in the lower left corner depicts Uncle Tom and Little Eva sitting on cabin steps. The vignette in the lower right corner depicts African Americans voting and attending school. Statues of Lady Justice and Lady Liberty are featured in each lower corner. A banner at the bottom of the print reads: "The Union preserved, a race emancipated, citizenship conferred, free schools established a nation exalted, a record of glorious work and achievement, our eternal vigilance shall yet gain further victories of right over wrong, which in the grand flood of years will ever exalt our home and national life." Below this are the titles of the portraits, left to right respectively, "James G. Blaine," Lincoln Emancipating a Race," and "John A. Logan". The tile of the piece, "The Republican Souvenir" and "Standard Bearers, and Illustrious Statesmen" are below that, and the name of the publishing company R.H. Curran & Co. is in the last line. Part of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection, courtesy of the Indiana State Museum