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  • With everything from in-depth analyses of his life to comprehensive overviews, explore a 20,000-item literary treasure trove on the 16th president that gives you a thorough look from every angle.

  • Fine Art


    The last portrait of Lincoln painted from life by Matthew Wilson is one of hundreds of paintings, sculptures and engravings that can be linked back to the president in some way.

  • Magazine and newspaper articles on Lincoln that include everything from complete issues to clippings. Read a selection of Lincoln-related 19th- and early 20th-century publications.

  • The inkwell used in signing the original Emancipation Proclamation is one of the items remaining from Lincoln's everyday life. Connect with additional personal pieces like his wallet and pen knife.

  • Signed copies of the 13th Amendment and Emancipation Proclamation are the crown jewels of this section. You can also read letters, manuscripts and vital election documents.

  • This engraving of Lincoln was printed and thrown from the balcony of the Wigwam, where he was nominated as presidential candidate. Learn about the public's view of Lincoln from many perspectives.

  • Sheet Music


    The Collection includes many of Lincoln's favorite pieces as well many pieces written in his honor. View music both from his era and from the generations that followed.

  • Photographs


    The Lincolns' personal photograph collection gives you a window into their lives. You can also browse thousands of other photos portraying both the family and the time.

  • Textiles


    Clothes from this time period rarely survived due to repurposing. View the shawl Lincoln wore and Mary's surviving garments among other rarities.