On exhibit

There is always something from the Lincoln Collection on exhibit for the public to see. The entire collection can be explored online any time through this website.

See the Collection in Indianapolis

The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana, displays a small portion of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection in the museum's core gallery, "The Hoosier Way," at all times.

Currently on exhibit:

71.2009.082.0704, scale model of a Gatling gun

71.2009.081.1218, sculpture, "Wounded to the Rear, One More Shot"

71.2009.083.0051, sheet music, "Vote for Abraham"

71.2009.083.0245, sheet music, "Drums & Trumpets"

71.2009.082.0170, Abraham Lincoln pennant

71.2009.081.0561, print, "Battle of Five Forks"

71.2009.081.0241, cartoon, "The Commander-in-Chief Conciliating the Soldier's Votes on the Battle Field"

See the Collection in Fort Wayne

Geniune artifacts are on display at all times in the Rolland Center for Lincoln Research located on the first floor of the main branch of the Allen County Public Library. The Center provides a space to explore the Lincoln Collection through a variety of physical displays, digital kiosks, and a projection room that shows collection items in 180 degrees. The center is free for all guests and offers both self-guided and scheduled tours with our Lincoln Librarians. 

The displays presently focus on the following themes:

  • Lincoln family album
  • The Lincoln Boys
  • Union Soldiers in the Civil War
  • Immigrants and the Civil War