Who Manages the Collection

Legal ownership of the Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection rests with the State of Indiana - in essence, the state's people. The Collection is housed in two institutions. The Indiana State Museum in Indianapolis holds the fine art, sculpture, prints and engravings, sheet music and three-dimensional artifacts. The Allen County Public Library in Fort Wayne holds the books, newspapers, documents, and photographs.

The distinctive skills and attributes of the two cooperating institutions - and their significant partner organizations - assure a level of care, as well as public and scholarly usefulness, no single institution could match.

Allen County Public Library

The Allen County Public Library has the specialized storage, the expert staff, and the technical resources needed to manage and digitize the Lincoln Collection research materials and to interact effectively with scholars, Lincoln enthusiasts, and the general public.

Indiana State Museum

The Indiana State Museum is the key to public exhibition of the Collection. The museum has extensive space for exhibition and storage, a state-of-the-art conservation lab, and a staff of skilled curators and conservators.