• Fine Art

    Lincoln’s last portrait from life. Fine art.

    An original: the last image of Lincoln painted from life. See other fine art pieces from the Collection. Explore Fine Art

  • Three-Dimensional Objects

    Lincoln’s inkwell. Three-dimensional objects.

    The inkwell used by Lincoln in signing the Emancipation Proclamation. Browse thousands of artifacts and objects. Explore Our Objects

  • Photographs

    Tad and Abraham Lincoln. Photographs.

    The first photographed presidency. Get to know Lincoln and his era through this exclusive collection of photos. Explore Photographs

  • Manuscripts & Documents

    Emancipation Proclamation. Manuscripts and documents.

    Signed copies of the 13th Amendment and Emancipation Proclamation. View these historic documents. Explore Documents

  • Textiles

    Handkerchief with Mary Lincoln’s monogram. Textiles.

    Handkerchief with Mary Todd Lincoln’s monogram. Examine the rest of our textile collection. Explore Textiles

  • Books & Pamphlets

    The Boys’ Life of Abraham Lincoln. Books and pamphlets.

    A 20,000-item literary treasure trove on the 16th president and his times. Browse the catalog. Explore Literature

  • Magazines & Newspapers

    New York Herald, April 15, 1861. Magazines and articles.

    Read a selection of Lincoln-related 19th- and early 20th-century newspapers & magazines, from complete issues to clippings. Explore Articles

  • Cartoons, Broadsides, & Ephemera

    Cartoon including Lincoln and Stephen Douglas

    A political cartoon during the 1860 election campaign. Learn about the public’s view of Lincoln from many perspectives. Explore The Collection

  • Sheet Music

    The Battle Cry of Freedom cover. Sheet music.

    View music from Lincoln’s era including his favorites and pieces written in his honor. Explore Sheet Music

Special Announcements

  • A Case of Mistaken Identity

    A New Curated Grouping

    For years, five photographs from the Lincoln Family Album Collection have been identified as the last known images of Tad Lincoln. New research proves, however, that these photographs aren't Tad at all. Learn more about William Harlan, a forgotten member of the extended Lincoln-Harlan family, in this new online exhibit. Find the link at the bottom of this page or by following this link: Read More

  • Read Lincoln's Correspondence Online

    Lincoln Signed Documents and Letters to Lincoln now available

    The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection includes nearly 400 Lincoln Signed Documents and Letters to Lincoln, ranging from his early years as an Illinois lawyer to the week of his death in 1865. All of these items are now available to be read online. Take a look: Read More

  • So Costly a Sacrifice

    Lincoln and Loss

    Exhibit at the Indiana State Museum Feb. 7 - Jul. 5, 2015. In 19th century America, death was everywhere. Grieving practices and mourning rituals were rigid and complex. The advent of the Civil War and the staggering loss of life it caused changed the way the nation mourned, and when President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, it took a grief-stricken nation to new heights of mourning. From a child’s coffin to a hair wreath, a field-surgeon’s kit to pieces of Lincoln’s funeral bier, this exhibition explores the dark corners of death in the 1800s – the changing attitudes, evolving customs, and the most famous funeral of the century. Read More

  • The Jean Zurow Lincoln Postcard Collection

    View over 550 postcards online

    The Lincoln Financial Foundation Collection at Allen County Public Library has received a donation of over 550 Lincoln-related postcards collected by Jean Zurow over a period of sixty years. The postcards, which date from the 19th and 20th centuries, include commemorative cards, Lincoln portraits and artwork, pictures of Lincoln monuments and sites from across the United States, and miscellaneous images of places and things named for Lincoln. The entire Jean Zurow Lincoln Postcard Collection can be viewed online at: Read More

  • Don't Miss Lincoln Lore

    Receive a free sample issue

    Lincoln Lore is the publication of the Friends of the Lincoln Collection of Indiana and is one benefit of Friends membership. To learn more about the Friends, how to become a member, and to receive your free issue, Read More

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